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Gym and health club equipments

In this category, we have specialized in providing various services that include; supplying, installation and assemblage of new health club equipment e.g.Treadmills, cross trainers, multigym, sauna heaters, steam bath generators, domestic steam cubicles, etc. We also undertake routine maintenance and servicing of different gym and health club machineries.
Below are illustrations of what we have worked on.

Sauna interior

Saunas & Steam baths

In this field, we focus on providing various services that include; supplying, installation and assemblage of Sauna heaters, Steam bath generators & domestic steam cubicles.


Power generators and general electrical works

Power outages in Kenya have been a major challenge in every production sector. Both domestic and industrial fields have been squarely affected. Daniels Elite Engineering has come up together with Genset, power bank manufacturers, and distributors in providing a sustainable power solution to enhance healthy production in every sphere of life. We are also experts in automatic transfer switch installer that enable a smooth transition of power, as well as offering routine maintenance and servicing of all type of power generators.

#gym servicing

Gym $ health club equipmetns.

Our service will leave you in the full knowledge that your equipment has gone through a thorough service and inspection which will ensure the equipment meets health and safety regulation and any defects are identified and reported clearly listing the priority of the repair and the cost so you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to carry out the repairs.
Our team is well equipped with up to date technologies to work with latest products from different manufactures.

Power generators $ general electrical works

The company has as well re-introduced the neglected recommended practices in an electrical industry like, use of RCD that help protect individuals from electrocution that have led to the loss of many lives worldwide. “What is an RCD?”
An RCD is a device that is designed to provide protection against electrocution or electrical fires by cutting off the flow of electricity automatically or actuating an alarm when it senses a ‘leakage’ of electric current from a circuit.
To appreciate the importance of an RCD it is helpful to understand how much electrical energy it takes to kill a human being. The smallest fuse used in a normal electric plug is 3Amps; it takes less than one-twentieth of that current to kill an adult in less than one-tenth of a second.
We are encouraging every developer to use this gadget to protect the population from the rising danger.

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