Our Vision

Our company vision is to be East and Central Africa recognized leader in the
provision of energy-efficient solutions. We have a mission to advance the
adoption environmentally, friendly cost-saving, highly efficient energy solutions in
Our objectives are to establish long term contracts by being able to have a
minimum of 95% customer satisfaction rate and to have a well functioning long
term relationship with them.

Our Story

Daniels Elite Engineering; offers electrical/electronic engineering solutions and
general electrical services. We are located at a strategic place along Lumumba
Drive off Kamiti rd about 500 meters from main Thika superhighway.
By focusing on institutions that have special needs we believe we will be able to
better serve our clients and produce a superior service that is more effective than
other engineering firms.


Daniel K.Njenga

Founder & CEO

Daniel.K.Njenga is the chief executive officer of Daniels Elite Engineering. Our company has been instrumental in helping restaurants, big and small hotels, hospitals, industries, and military institutions amongst others to achieve a seamless production and a better working environment.
We offer high quality and efficient technologies with a team of forwarding and innovative thinkers the company has managed to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

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